Count Basic – Bigger & Brighter (2002)

Count Basic - Bigger & Brighter (2002)
Artist: Count Basic
Album: Bigger & Brighter
Genre: Soul / Funk / R&B
Released: 2002
Quality: APE (image+.cue)
All the Things (4:22)
Call My Name (3:48)
Ain’t You Had Enough (4:25)
Follow (4:53)
Higher (3:59)
User (3:52)
Maya (instrumental) (4:45)
Bigger and Brighter (4:19)
Not Enough (4:01)
Leave it Up to You (3:09)
Make Me Believe Again (3:27)
Consequences (4:01)
See You Again (Duet with Joshua Nile) (4:31)
24 Bit Sushi (instrumental) (6:31)


In a stylistic leap from acid and contemporary jazz to R&B, Count Basic accomplishes what many crossover artists fail to do — elevate their compositions to the requirements of the new genre in order to showcase the next step of their musical achievements. On Bigger and Brighter, guitarist Peter Legat is still an amazing master of groove and funk, but his skillfully embroidered threads of soulful notes are now more enhanced by the solid R&B roots of vocalist Kelli Sae and former top session musicians who have worked with such R&B greats as the Supremes and Gloria Gaynor. Fourteen new songs wrap the listener in a superb mix of musical poetry that sings to the soul. “All the Things” is a creative rendering of three highly talented artists, and they speak directly to you. Legat colors Kelli Sae’s impressive vocals with an amazing Hendrix-esque guitar solo, while Eub keeps the Wurlizter, keyboards, and programming remarkable with his great control over both the form and the function of R&B. “Ain’t You Had Enough,” a hot dance tune that rivals anything by the disco divas of the ’70s, showcases Count Basic’s superb ability to start a fire on the dancefloor. “Follow” features Sae’s own unique style wrapping itself around your soul. The title track exemplifies Count Basic’s new musical direction and the exceptional writing skills of Peter Legat. His ability to relate the many sides of love, relationships, and life itself in the span of two to three musical minutes is a testament to his great storytelling. Bigger and Brighter is incomparable to any of the recordings in Count Basic’s current repertoire and should bring a plethora of new followers to this dynamic band. They’ll “Make You Believe Again.”
Review by Paula Edelstein

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